We Are Water

We are Water, _Final Card 5x7.jpg

What does this image inspire in you?


What elements stand out?

This painting is to honor the water, to honor indigenous peoples and all the water protectors of this precious earth. This image is here to remind us that water is sacred, that we can feel it flow like energy through our bodies, and that it is vital to all life. 

The intention is also to remind us that water - and thus all life on earth - is being horribly mistreated through  greed and dangerous fossil fuel projects. Let us remember that the surge of energy around Standing Rock to protect and pray for the water is strong and continues to rise within and around us. May this image inspire us to act and speak out to protect sacred water. May we give thanks to the water and use it mindfully and lovingly. 

Gratitude and blessings on your journey.

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Experience and share.

Soon this will be set up to share reflections about the art!

(when it's ready....) Write any comments you want to share about your experience relating to this art piece!

  • Maybe it’s what the image means to you, what it inspires in you.

  • Maybe you had an experience contemplating the image, or embodying it that you want to share.

  • Maybe you have some ideas you want to share with me to further inspire my art.