Prayer For Healing

ErikaMerz_Prayer for Healing.JPG

I invite you to take a moment to fully embody this image.


What do you feel in your body,


…energy field,

…connection to divine light?

For me, this is my prayer of healing for the world. Connecting to divine energy, I offer this loving light to all being suffering from injustice and pain.

My hope for this painting is that we use it to strengthen the energetic power of our prayers;

To increase healing for our beautiful world through collective, loving intention.

I believe this can happen in many ways for which I don’t fully understand. Embodying this image as often as you like, finding our own connection with love-light, and then focusing it for healing feels very powerful to me.

Gratitude and blessings on your journey.

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Experience and share.

Soon this will be set up to share reflections about the art!

(when it's ready....)Write any comments you want to share about your experience relating to this art piece!

  • Maybe it’s what the image means to you, what it inspires in you.
  • Maybe you had an experience contemplating the image, or embodying it that you want to share.
  • Maybe you have some ideas you want to share with me to further inspire my art.