Chakra Watercolor

Chakra watercolor.jpg

How does this image feel?


What do you feel in your body?

Do you feel rooted?  ...Supported? ...Connected?

Expansive? ...Courageous? ...Ready to do BIG things?

In what way?

This painting is inspired by the spiritual wisdom of the Chakras. I am deeply grateful to the Sanskrit-speaking people of ancient and present day India for carrying such important wisdom. These teachings are becoming so popular in the Western world that they’re quickly being taken from their roots and “re-packaged” in ways that lose the truth of their spiritual power – e.g. yoga being turned into a fitness program. This is harmful to the spiritual teachings and people of Indian ancestry. To shift this damaging trend we must examine ourselves and our communities so we can learn to be in our full integrity and honor the spiritual wisdom and people of India.

In this art piece, the glowing center of yellow light represents the Chakra Manipura, (solar plexus). It is said to be the place of personal power, will, and confidence. For many of us it is challenging to live from this place of true inner strength, especially as we navigate all the shame, judgment and de-humanizing elements of our society. We can use this image to feel our inner power, to find courage and take responsibility for our lives. We can be humble, open-minded, and fiercely compassionate!   

May we all find the balance of self-confidence and humility.       

May we all recognize the divine power and unconditional love within ourselves and all beings. 

Gratitude and blessings on your journey.

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Experience and share.

Soon this will be set up to share reflections about the art!

(when it's ready....) Write any comments you want to share about your experience relating to this art piece!

  • Maybe it’s what the image means to you, what it inspires in you.
  • Maybe you had an experience contemplating the image, or embodying it that you want to share.
  • Maybe you have some ideas you want to share with me to further inspire my art.