Find Balance And Rise Up

find balance cleaner_EM.jpg

What does this image inspire in you?


What do you feel in your body?

Do you feel rooted?  ...Supported? ...Connected?

Expansive? ...Courageous? ...Ready to do BIG things?

In what way?

I created this image to guide me in how I want to live, striving for balance and rising up to co-create the world I envision. The grandmother is in the roots, connecting us to the wisdom of our ancestors. She is always there supporting us and holding a steady balance. The granddaughter is in the branches, rising up with powerful life energy. She is fearless, living her truth and offering her gifts to the world.             

May we feel the wisdom and strength of this tree within us.          

May we each know who we are and trust that we are here for a reason. 

Gratitude and blessings on your journey.

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Experience and share.

Soon this will be set up to share reflections about the art!

(when it's ready....) Write any comments you want to share about your experience relating to this art piece!

  • Maybe it’s what the image means to you, what it inspires in you.
  • Maybe you had an experience contemplating the image, or embodying it that you want to share.
  • Maybe you have some ideas you want to share with me to further inspire my art.