Glad you’re here, I'm Erika, and I'm excited to share this art with you.

ART to Strengthen

Our Connection to Divine Energy

& Inspire Loving Action

For Healing & Justice.

Prints, Stickers, Greeting Cards & More!

As you venture through this home page, feel free to click on any images that interest you. Some will have writing that go with them, perhaps some inspiration/meditation on ways to connect to the artwork, or maybe some explanation of what this piece means to me.

I am a Seattle based artist who loves deep conversations, spontaneous ceremony and ecstatic dance! My art often comes through visions and is inspired by the way I experiences energy flow, by the connection of earthly and divine existence and by movements for social change. This art carries strong intentions to uplift and inspire us, to strengthen our connection to our divine selves, and to awaken collective, heart-centered action for healing and global transformation.

This website is still in the works so I hope you enjoy what’s here now and please do visit again as well.

Soon each painting will have a space for writing and reading whatever comments y’all want to share about your experiences relating to the art. You can read what people are expressing and consider adding a post….Maybe it’s what the image means to you, what it inspires in you. Maybe you had an experience contemplating the image, or embodying it that you want to share.  Maybe you have some ideas you want to share with me to further inspire my art.


Rise Up with H’ART, the name and design above, hold meaning to me in a few different ways.

It's a call to our inner revolutionary

to be courageous and loving as we work to transform our existence on earth and it also holds spiritual understandings about the powerful connection we all have with the energy of the universe, our ability to raise our vibration, and heal through POWERFUL LOVE. It's also

ART coming from my H’ART.


Dancing in the Torus_final.jpg
Drops of Red_final.jpg

Through various experiences, I’m learning that art has a very powerful way of influencing us. As a visual person, I notice how seeing art can help me feel and understand things in new ways and I’m learning that when I share the images and ideas that come to me, it affects people in beautiful, healing, uplifting ways.  The art that comes to me is often

inspired by the way I experience energy flow in all things,

by the connection of earthly and divine existence, and by movements for social justice. My intentions in sharing this art is that it uplift us, that it inspire us to connect with who we truly are, the power we each hold and that energy that flows between all things.

I believe there is meaning in each moment, each thought and feeling, and that our experiences relating to art can inspire us in important ways.


For many years I've had the vision of sharing my art more openly with the idea that it could influence the world in a good way. From a big perspective,

I hope this art serves to expand our connection to our divine selves, to the earth and all beings,

 and to awaken collective, heart-centered action for healing and justice.

Rise Up w_ love 4 justice.jpeg
Surrendering to Divine Purpose_MediumSize.jpg
Truth Speaker_small file.png
Elephants_lightened and cleanest.jpg
Fertility_edited final.jpg
Yellow Spirit Tree.jpg

It is very important to me that this art be accessible to everyone so it is all listed on a sliding scale and also available free for those who need it to be. That said, it is work, so please consider what feels good to you. 

I invite you to share this art in your communities.

Get prints or stickers and put them in places where it’s visible, where it can inspire people who might see it. Perhaps you want to invite a friend to meditate or reflect on an image with you.

I believe that the more people witnessing this image, the stronger the flow of divine healing energy we can draw into ourselves and the world. It may be quite powerful!

I hope this art inspires and Empowers you.

Claire Break through the Box LArge copy.jpg
Awake One-Buddha Face 3X3.jpg